Neverwinter Beta

A Hunting We Will Go
This place is DEAD-ly

Thorin communes with a dwarven ghost bound to the Ebony Obelisk who tells him where to find the path to Gauntlgrym.

The ghost tells him to seek out the Nine guardian knights of Castle Never, they keep the secret safe.

The team heads back to Neverwinter and to Castle Never. A small camp outside the ruins led by a Elven adventurer named Xalbyn.

They get very detailed information about the castle and venture into the ruins.

Immediately, 4 skeletons attack, they vanquish them and head deeper into the catacombs below.

Saving Private Thorin (Part Deux)
We're here to save us!

(New Beta release meant new characters, Herquen escaped back to The City of Neverwinter.

Magnus and Kadim have arrived at the mine via a map they found in their travels. They sneak in and hear some duergar mocking someone in a pit.

Magnus smashes one into the pit who falls on Drast. The heroes handily dispatch the duergar and question the one that Kadim charmed. He tells them about his allies and the obelisk as well as information about undead skeletons that attacked them earlier.

After rescuing Drast and X357 from the pit, Drast repairs X357 and they continue deeper into the mine.

At a branch in the tunnel, they head left “Never go right” Magnus mutters. They come to a dead end, but they can hear people talking in dwarven behind the rubble. The two casters clear the rubble using mage hand and Thorgrim Spinehammer and Thorin are finally saved from their earthen prison.

The party continues on the right path and up ahead find Uzikeerath, two kobolds and a few more deurgar mining the walls for gold and studying the obsidian obelisk.

The heroes crash upon the evil cleric and his companions like a tidal wave and within seconds they are dead or pleading for their lives.

The kobolds cower in fear and warn the heroes not to invoke the power of the Obelisk lightly that undead had risen adn attacked them after Uzikeerath had chanted in front of it.

Saving Private Thorin
But WHO will save YOU?

X357and Drast head into the woods and then into a mining operation to try and find Thorin.

Inside the Mine, they discover that duergar and their attack-dog-like giant ants are milling about throwing cups of liquid into a covered pit.

They sneak in and take out two giant ants, and three guards handily. During the fight they hear a trapped female dwarf (Herquen) inside the pit drowning. They rush to her aid and save her from her torturous predicament. (The duergar had been throwing cups of acid on her and then dunking her into a pool of water for days trying to get information on where Thorgrim Spinehammer and company were hiding.)

Herquen tells them of a device that Thorgrim Spinehammer was working on to communicate within the mine with others, but it is broken. X357 and Drast try to repair it but they fail and the crystal powering it shatters.

In the next room, Drast and X357 find themselves without the benefit of surprise and are beset upon by 2 kobold miners, 3 duergar guards and 2 giant ants.

As X357 is cutting down the kobolds, one of the ants bites hard into Drast and he is wounded terribly. The duergar wait until they are weak and then after X357 has left himself open with a wild attack, they surround him and take him out. He falls and takes a gut injury that leaves him weak and leaking fluid. Drast fights to the last, the duergar laugh, throw-down their weapons and bludgeon him into unconsciousness.

As darkness washes over our heros, we hear the faint laughing of the duergar.

Exploring the sewers.
Sorry to Interrupt your secret meeting.

Drast and Gorgrimm are surprised by a group of thugs led by Thenn. The thugs try to shake them down and end up robbing them of 100 gold. They contimue on and end up finding a secret door which brings them right into a secret meeting going on. The people in the room seem divided and they grab Drast and Gorgrimm and search them finding Drast‘s Infernal mark and Gorgrimm’s Harper pin. They question them and especially want to know if they work for Lord Dagult Neverember. After some questioning, she believes them to be foolish adventurers and lets them go via blind-folded escort out of the sewers. All of the people here wear grey-cloaks and wear pins that show a Black Kraken.

Meanwhile, Khaleesi and X357 are sheken down by the same group of thugs, but Thenn recognizes Khaleesi and confused and shocked, draws his blade (his henchmen follow suit) Khaleesi knows Thenn as a 16 year old boy and treats him as such telling him that her disappearance and leaving of the Dead Rats was just something that great adventurers like her DO. Thenn wants to catch her up on what is going on in Neverwinter and leads them out of the sewers “the safe way”

Thenn tells her that Rsolk One-eye. is running the Neverwinter Dead Rats and that Toytere back in Luskan is furious with her for giving up her appointed posision to go adventuring. He put Rsolk One-eye. in charge to spite her because he knows how much Khaleesi hates him.

The two groups meet quite suddenly and square-off at an intersection. After a very short exchange of words, the grey-cloaks hand over Drast and Gorgrimm and leave.

Drast demands his money returned and the Dead Rats comply. Thenn and Khaleesi go off together to catch-up and the group heads back to base.

At the base, they discover a note from Thorin telling them he has joined Ador and Thorgrim to find a buried marker that may lead to Gauntlgrym.

We catch-up to Thorin and find that they are attacked by unknown enemies who cause a cave-in. Thorin and his allies are trapped in the excavation until help can arrive.

The House of Knowledge II
It's all fun and games until someone burns some books.

Drast and Gorgrimm are cut-off from Khaleesi and X357 when a metal Door closes over the Boulder trap return hatch.

Khaleesi and X357 search the hall and find the book showing the sewer designs for Neverwinter, Luskan and Waterdeep. The map of Neverwinter’s sewer is the one that matches Khaleesi’s room wall. She keeps the book.

They search the room with the silver fountain and discover some of its properties. (It coats non-metallic items and seems to be used to harden the book spines and leaf the edges of the books in this temple). They see something moving (Eel-like) in the liquid and leave it alone. Khaleesi also finds a cigar box with 8 cigars inside. She by-passes the trapped door into the hallway.

They approach the room with the Book Squid and decide to throw a torch on the pile of books, killing the monster and destroying a large amount of books in the process. Atlavast arrives and is distraught, muttering to himself that “he can fix them” and that “the others won’t know.” He returns to attack them for desecrating the temple and before he can do anything X357 almost kills him in a single blow. He flees and escapes behind the statue trap again. They go back to the sewer entrance door and go down, there is a stool that triggers a mechanical stone hatch to the sewer below. There is a spear and a satchel with old food inside.

Khaleesi Finds the eyes are the trigger to open the rotating statue-door on this side and the two enter the Vault entrance chamber. Ignoring the massive vault door, they easily follow the blood-trail to a secret door in the floor and X357 pries the door open with a crowbar. Down below they discover the blood trail stops and on a table two potions appear to have recently been drunk. There are three doors here also.

To the East: Using the Crowbar again, they find the Boulder trap chute again, with an open hatch leading to the sewers that is already open.

To the South: Khaleesi fails to disarm another trap and is stuck with a poison needle, which she shakes off. Inside, they find an appointed room with some mundane but loot-able treasure.

To the West: No amount of prying or picking will open the door.

The House of Knowledge
I'd Trap That.

The team turns in Hesskin’s head for the bounty and returns the stolen books to Soman Galt.

Thorin goes off with Ador Lannastor the blacksmith to discuss some “Dwarf business.”

They then head over to the Beached Leviathan to gather info about the House of Knowledge and drink. They learn that the House of Knowledge is on the edge of the wall that keeps the monstrosities of the Chasm out of the Protector’s Enclave and that squatters there ring the bell to warn the militia of incoming threats.

While at the House of Knowledge, Khaleesi sees some rats and is reminded that she was once a member of the Dead Rats. She can shape-shift at will into a grey rat and does so to conceal herself. She heads upstairs and scouts out the other squatters (mostly teens with a crossbow for protection) They shoot when she turns into a rat and run away, locking themselves in a room.

Meanwhile, downstaris, they Interrogate Rory a look-out who squats there with the other kids upstairs. He tells them he doesn’t know how to get down to the inner sanctum and that they sometimes see light moving around below through the cracks.

Drast casts light on a coin and drops it between a crack in the round slab covering the rooms below. Gorgrimm believes that the slab is Dwarven-made and is mis-matched with the rest of the stone work here. When he can see below, he casts mage hand to move a statue of a Halfling sitting on a column to move the slab so they gain access to the Inner sanctum below.

Khaleesi notices that Rory is watching them intently while they work even though he is pretending to just hang around. She tells X357 who draws his Bastard sword and intimidates him to run away.

They enter the sanctum and close the slab behind them so no one follows. The first room past the stairs has a hole in the middle with a pile of books 6 feet high below. Drast casts mage hand to fetch a book and a tentacle within the pile whips out and grabs it back. He does this again, but it misses this one. They decide to leave the “”/campaign/nwb/wikis/Book%20Squid/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Book Squid" alone.

The next large room has dried-up fountains along the walls and bookcases stacked two-high in the middle. As with the previous room the books are all out of order, but are in good condition.

Khaleesi spies an old man in his 70’s (Atlavast)crazed and running away from them mutterin to himself. They chase him through a curved hallway to a hallway with 4 doors, two on the North and two on the South. Atlavast pulls the lantern on a statue of Oghma at the opposite end of the hall that switches with a similar statue as it rotates into the next room.

This hall is ripe with traps, the team slowly works their way through each room.

South East: Small cell for clerics, noting of interest.

North East: Small cell for clerics, Guillotine trap on door, nothing of interest.

South West: Door had a dart trap, Khaleesi drank a potion to heal the damage. Inside are some helmets and a sack of gold coins. Sensing more traps, Drast continues to use mage hand to spring the traps, but he is too slow to react and his foot is run over by a boulder anyway. The boulder disappears right through the wall across the way in the hall, it is illusionary. They find a trapped magic helm +1 (easily disarmed) and a snake in the sack. They dispatch the snake and count their coin.

North West: They flip this room looking for items other than the diary on the desk that is trapped with poison needles AND some sort of destruction magic. Mage hand fails them this time and the book busts into flames as soon as it is picked up.

They decide to use mage hand again to operate the lantern on the statue, it is an iron maiden trap that engulfs the area in front of itself and then re-sets.

Gorgrimm Investigates the illusionary wall and falls through into a metal tunnel that the boulder traveled through to reset the trap. Drast follows.


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