Neverwinter Beta

Exploring the sewers.

Sorry to Interrupt your secret meeting.

Drast and Gorgrimm are surprised by a group of thugs led by Thenn. The thugs try to shake them down and end up robbing them of 100 gold. They contimue on and end up finding a secret door which brings them right into a secret meeting going on. The people in the room seem divided and they grab Drast and Gorgrimm and search them finding Drast‘s Infernal mark and Gorgrimm’s Harper pin. They question them and especially want to know if they work for Lord Dagult Neverember. After some questioning, she believes them to be foolish adventurers and lets them go via blind-folded escort out of the sewers. All of the people here wear grey-cloaks and wear pins that show a Black Kraken.

Meanwhile, Khaleesi and X357 are sheken down by the same group of thugs, but Thenn recognizes Khaleesi and confused and shocked, draws his blade (his henchmen follow suit) Khaleesi knows Thenn as a 16 year old boy and treats him as such telling him that her disappearance and leaving of the Dead Rats was just something that great adventurers like her DO. Thenn wants to catch her up on what is going on in Neverwinter and leads them out of the sewers “the safe way”

Thenn tells her that Rsolk One-eye. is running the Neverwinter Dead Rats and that Toytere back in Luskan is furious with her for giving up her appointed posision to go adventuring. He put Rsolk One-eye. in charge to spite her because he knows how much Khaleesi hates him.

The two groups meet quite suddenly and square-off at an intersection. After a very short exchange of words, the grey-cloaks hand over Drast and Gorgrimm and leave.

Drast demands his money returned and the Dead Rats comply. Thenn and Khaleesi go off together to catch-up and the group heads back to base.

At the base, they discover a note from Thorin telling them he has joined Ador and Thorgrim to find a buried marker that may lead to Gauntlgrym.

We catch-up to Thorin and find that they are attacked by unknown enemies who cause a cave-in. Thorin and his allies are trapped in the excavation until help can arrive.



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