Neverwinter Beta

Saving Private Thorin

But WHO will save YOU?

X357and Drast head into the woods and then into a mining operation to try and find Thorin.

Inside the Mine, they discover that duergar and their attack-dog-like giant ants are milling about throwing cups of liquid into a covered pit.

They sneak in and take out two giant ants, and three guards handily. During the fight they hear a trapped female dwarf (Herquen) inside the pit drowning. They rush to her aid and save her from her torturous predicament. (The duergar had been throwing cups of acid on her and then dunking her into a pool of water for days trying to get information on where Thorgrim Spinehammer and company were hiding.)

Herquen tells them of a device that Thorgrim Spinehammer was working on to communicate within the mine with others, but it is broken. X357 and Drast try to repair it but they fail and the crystal powering it shatters.

In the next room, Drast and X357 find themselves without the benefit of surprise and are beset upon by 2 kobold miners, 3 duergar guards and 2 giant ants.

As X357 is cutting down the kobolds, one of the ants bites hard into Drast and he is wounded terribly. The duergar wait until they are weak and then after X357 has left himself open with a wild attack, they surround him and take him out. He falls and takes a gut injury that leaves him weak and leaking fluid. Drast fights to the last, the duergar laugh, throw-down their weapons and bludgeon him into unconsciousness.

As darkness washes over our heros, we hear the faint laughing of the duergar.



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