Neverwinter Beta

Saving Private Thorin (Part Deux)

We're here to save us!

(New Beta release meant new characters, Herquen escaped back to The City of Neverwinter.

Magnus and Kadim have arrived at the mine via a map they found in their travels. They sneak in and hear some duergar mocking someone in a pit.

Magnus smashes one into the pit who falls on Drast. The heroes handily dispatch the duergar and question the one that Kadim charmed. He tells them about his allies and the obelisk as well as information about undead skeletons that attacked them earlier.

After rescuing Drast and X357 from the pit, Drast repairs X357 and they continue deeper into the mine.

At a branch in the tunnel, they head left “Never go right” Magnus mutters. They come to a dead end, but they can hear people talking in dwarven behind the rubble. The two casters clear the rubble using mage hand and Thorgrim Spinehammer and Thorin are finally saved from their earthen prison.

The party continues on the right path and up ahead find Uzikeerath, two kobolds and a few more deurgar mining the walls for gold and studying the obsidian obelisk.

The heroes crash upon the evil cleric and his companions like a tidal wave and within seconds they are dead or pleading for their lives.

The kobolds cower in fear and warn the heroes not to invoke the power of the Obelisk lightly that undead had risen adn attacked them after Uzikeerath had chanted in front of it.



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