Neverwinter Beta

The House of Knowledge

I'd Trap That.

The team turns in Hesskin’s head for the bounty and returns the stolen books to Soman Galt.

Thorin goes off with Ador Lannastor the blacksmith to discuss some “Dwarf business.”

They then head over to the Beached Leviathan to gather info about the House of Knowledge and drink. They learn that the House of Knowledge is on the edge of the wall that keeps the monstrosities of the Chasm out of the Protector’s Enclave and that squatters there ring the bell to warn the militia of incoming threats.

While at the House of Knowledge, Khaleesi sees some rats and is reminded that she was once a member of the Dead Rats. She can shape-shift at will into a grey rat and does so to conceal herself. She heads upstairs and scouts out the other squatters (mostly teens with a crossbow for protection) They shoot when she turns into a rat and run away, locking themselves in a room.

Meanwhile, downstaris, they Interrogate Rory a look-out who squats there with the other kids upstairs. He tells them he doesn’t know how to get down to the inner sanctum and that they sometimes see light moving around below through the cracks.

Drast casts light on a coin and drops it between a crack in the round slab covering the rooms below. Gorgrimm believes that the slab is Dwarven-made and is mis-matched with the rest of the stone work here. When he can see below, he casts mage hand to move a statue of a Halfling sitting on a column to move the slab so they gain access to the Inner sanctum below.

Khaleesi notices that Rory is watching them intently while they work even though he is pretending to just hang around. She tells X357 who draws his Bastard sword and intimidates him to run away.

They enter the sanctum and close the slab behind them so no one follows. The first room past the stairs has a hole in the middle with a pile of books 6 feet high below. Drast casts mage hand to fetch a book and a tentacle within the pile whips out and grabs it back. He does this again, but it misses this one. They decide to leave the “”/campaign/nwb/wikis/Book%20Squid/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Book Squid" alone.

The next large room has dried-up fountains along the walls and bookcases stacked two-high in the middle. As with the previous room the books are all out of order, but are in good condition.

Khaleesi spies an old man in his 70’s (Atlavast)crazed and running away from them mutterin to himself. They chase him through a curved hallway to a hallway with 4 doors, two on the North and two on the South. Atlavast pulls the lantern on a statue of Oghma at the opposite end of the hall that switches with a similar statue as it rotates into the next room.

This hall is ripe with traps, the team slowly works their way through each room.

South East: Small cell for clerics, noting of interest.

North East: Small cell for clerics, Guillotine trap on door, nothing of interest.

South West: Door had a dart trap, Khaleesi drank a potion to heal the damage. Inside are some helmets and a sack of gold coins. Sensing more traps, Drast continues to use mage hand to spring the traps, but he is too slow to react and his foot is run over by a boulder anyway. The boulder disappears right through the wall across the way in the hall, it is illusionary. They find a trapped magic helm +1 (easily disarmed) and a snake in the sack. They dispatch the snake and count their coin.

North West: They flip this room looking for items other than the diary on the desk that is trapped with poison needles AND some sort of destruction magic. Mage hand fails them this time and the book busts into flames as soon as it is picked up.

They decide to use mage hand again to operate the lantern on the statue, it is an iron maiden trap that engulfs the area in front of itself and then re-sets.

Gorgrimm Investigates the illusionary wall and falls through into a metal tunnel that the boulder traveled through to reset the trap. Drast follows.



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