Neverwinter Beta

The House of Knowledge II

It's all fun and games until someone burns some books.

Drast and Gorgrimm are cut-off from Khaleesi and X357 when a metal Door closes over the Boulder trap return hatch.

Khaleesi and X357 search the hall and find the book showing the sewer designs for Neverwinter, Luskan and Waterdeep. The map of Neverwinter’s sewer is the one that matches Khaleesi’s room wall. She keeps the book.

They search the room with the silver fountain and discover some of its properties. (It coats non-metallic items and seems to be used to harden the book spines and leaf the edges of the books in this temple). They see something moving (Eel-like) in the liquid and leave it alone. Khaleesi also finds a cigar box with 8 cigars inside. She by-passes the trapped door into the hallway.

They approach the room with the Book Squid and decide to throw a torch on the pile of books, killing the monster and destroying a large amount of books in the process. Atlavast arrives and is distraught, muttering to himself that “he can fix them” and that “the others won’t know.” He returns to attack them for desecrating the temple and before he can do anything X357 almost kills him in a single blow. He flees and escapes behind the statue trap again. They go back to the sewer entrance door and go down, there is a stool that triggers a mechanical stone hatch to the sewer below. There is a spear and a satchel with old food inside.

Khaleesi Finds the eyes are the trigger to open the rotating statue-door on this side and the two enter the Vault entrance chamber. Ignoring the massive vault door, they easily follow the blood-trail to a secret door in the floor and X357 pries the door open with a crowbar. Down below they discover the blood trail stops and on a table two potions appear to have recently been drunk. There are three doors here also.

To the East: Using the Crowbar again, they find the Boulder trap chute again, with an open hatch leading to the sewers that is already open.

To the South: Khaleesi fails to disarm another trap and is stuck with a poison needle, which she shakes off. Inside, they find an appointed room with some mundane but loot-able treasure.

To the West: No amount of prying or picking will open the door.



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